Wawa ceo history

Wawa, Inc. As of [update]Wawa was the largest convenience store chain in Greater Philadelphia, and it is also the third-largest retailer of food in Greater Philadelphia, after Acme Markets and ShopRite. The Wawa business began in as an iron foundry. Since pasteurization was not yet available, many children faced sickness from consuming raw milk. Wood arranged for doctors to certify his milk was sanitary and safe for consumption, which convinced many consumers to buy the product.

Demand for dairy products grew rapidly during the s, and so did the company. Wawa began using the slogan "Buy Health by the Bottle"; they served customers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, delivering milk to customers' homes.

In the s, however, many consumers began buying milk in stores instead of using home delivery. Wawa started to open its own stores to adjust to these market changes. A parade was held from the original location to the new store on opening day. The Wawa Food Market stores were also part of a then-new trend in retailing, the convenience store. Open both earlier and later than traditional supermarketsthey carried other foods and beverages besides milk, as well as other items from the Wawa dairy. InWawa began sharing ownership of the company with its associates through profit-sharing plans.

InWawa formalized its associate ownership with its Employee Stock Ownership Plan ESOPwith stock being awarded to associates annually based on the prior year's service. Because the company is privately held, Wawa secures an independent assessment of its stock value at regular intervals to ensure that the ESOP is fairly maintained.

The chain 's name comes from the site of the company's first milk plant and corporate headquarters in the Wawa, Pennsylvania area. The name of the town Wawa is in turn derived from the Ojibwe word for the Canada goose taken from The Song of Hiawatha.

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It is said that the goose was chosen because the company employs the principles of teamwork, group consensus, and encouragement.

Richard D. Dick Wood, Jr. Many Wood family members are active in the company. As of [update] Wawa Inc. Farms, within two municipalities in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

The properties are located in Chester Heights and Middletown Township. Wawa Inc.He grew up in Vineland, New Jersey and worked in his youth at car washes that his father owned.

Mary School in East Vineland and then moved on to St. Gheysens worked for four years as an auditor in the Philadelphia office of Deloitte. Gheysens was hired by Wawa in and was named to serve as the company's chief financial officer and chief administrative officer in Inhe was named as Wawa's president and became the chief financial officer in Januaryafter a month-long transition from his predecessor, Howard Stoeckel.

At the Villanova School of BusinessGheysens is a member of the dean's advisory committee. Gheysens traveled to Rome in as part of a delegation coordinating aspects of the papal visit to Philadelphia as part of Pope Francis's visit to North America. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Chris Gheysens. Vineland, New JerseyU.

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Accessed October 8, Augustine College Preparatory School. Gheysens, a native of Vineland, N. Augustine Prep and Villanova University. Even though his business cards read 'Lead Goose,' he stressed that the strategic planning process at the company is the result of teamwork. Accessed October 9, Accessed November 23, According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Wawa will be a corporate sponsor of the event, and will be donating all food to volunteers, as well as 1 million bottles of water to attendees.

Augustine Preparatory School alumni Villanova University alumni. Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links Articles with hCards.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Add links.Wawa Inc. Corporate headquarters of the company is situated in Wawa region of Greater Philadelphia, Chester Heights and Pennsylvania. According to and record, this is one of the largest chains of convenience store in the US.

There are currently 10 consumer reviews about Wawa available. Share your review. Back on August 12, Wawa raised coffee prices. It was advertised for a couple of weeks prior that refills would be raised. It was right there on the coffee islands for all to see. Now you're charging the. With all you make are times that bad that for you that you decide to charge the 6 cnts cost for refills For the past 8 years I used to be a daily customer buying my coffee at Wawa.

wawa ceo history

Well, you've lost my business until you make things right. Sounds like corporate greed to me. Maybe a complaint to the Better Business Bureau is needed. For us retired people that don't get raises like working people do, pennies do add up rather quickly. Beside that, if the economy is so bad, why does everyone have to raise prices? I now get my coffee refill at for a buck because of your policy, with my Wawa refill cup.

I hope more people read this and do business some other place like I do. You see, I don't get mad; I get even I just came back from buying coffee at a Wawa in Clifton Heights. PA I shop at this store almost every day for coffee. Today was the worst. I came home to enjoy my supposedly fresh cup of coffee and I swallowed a bunch of coffee grinds from the coffee. I choked for 1 minute; that is how many coffee grinds were in this cup. This has happened to me a few times in the past at different local Wawa stores, but this was the worst.

It seems like no one at the Wawa stores like making the coffee and cleaning the pots properly. If this was my company, I would definitely send the word out to all stores to make sure the coffee pots are cleaned properly. I am totally disappointed that you would sponsor the Fireworks on the Fourth of July, with not one patriotic song If you wanted to sponsor a party for the people of Philadelphia, why do it on the 4th of July Including the sponsor!!!

I was at the wawa location on airport rd in Delaware i observed racial type discrimination from i believe was the head manager i over heared her say that "if shes with that man ill cut her hrs i dnt believe in interracial relationships" as a black man i took offense to that so i asked an associate does she always say things like that.

The young lady says to me with her head down. I cant say anything so what is goin on in ur branch there. I also work in customer service there is no reason why the employees there should feel as tho they should defend someone that is wrong.Called several times and let the phone ring over 20 minutes each time.

No answer.

wawa ceo history

Very disappointed. Hi Im always trying to figure out why the Wawa in Oakly is the worse kept up store. The parking lot is dirty.

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The shrubs in the front of the store filled with trash. The one in Audubon and Collingswood look good. I like visiting Wawa but have a concern about the red stir-ups I feel that they need to be individually wrapped because it is unsanitary because when you reach for one you always end up hitting others. So that's my concern. The wawa in Westampton, NJ is stealing from their customers.

My hoagie was supposed to have 3 helpings of meat on my hoagie and I only got 2.

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This is the 5th time this has happened to me and I am never going back. The GM made my sandwich so this makes me believe that this wawa is doing this on purpose to save money. Absolutely ridiculous. The frozen coffee drinks at wawa are my favorite, at least 4 times a week I hit wawa for one. So when I saw a new wawa on Basin Rd. In New Castle De. I was happy til i went in for my favorite drink and it was flat, the next time I asked for extra coffee, It was better but this morning I was told I would have to pay extra for more than the 1 oz.

I have passed by your location at rts and 3 in gambrills maryland for years because I didn't think you offered premium gas since there was no listing for it on your street signs. Dumb marketing on your part. Wawa going down hill for sure, I used to look forward to hogie fest.

Now the rolls are so terrible I wonder why I stopped again after the first bite.Ina study confirmed what many convenience store shoppers already knew: Wawa is the best.

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In celebration of Wawa Day, here are some things you might not have known about the absolute best place on earth to buy a hoagie, iced tea, and Tastykakes. Though the first Wawa store was opened inthe company actually has more than years of history: It began in as a New Jersey iron factory and was incorporated in as the Millville Manufacturing Company.

Then, inMillville's owner George Wood opened up a milk processing plant in Wawa, Pennsylvania. The cows for the plant came from the English Channel island of Guernsey.

Former CEO explains 'The Wawa Way' at Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce luncheon

In the early s, many children were becoming sick from drinking raw milk, so Wood had doctors vouch for his product.

The "doctor certified" milk, delivered directly to a customer's home, made the business a huge success. As the milk delivery business dwindled in the s, Wood's grandson, Grahame, noticed that customers were shopping more at supermarkets, and thought Wawa could distribute its products that way.

The stores were successful in part because convenience stores were exempt from laws that kept other stores closed on Sundays. Bythere were Wawa stores open for business. Bythere were stores. Today, there are more than Wawa stores.

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Want to pronounce "Wawa" correctly? It rhymes with Saw Sawaccording to locals. Wawa's stores—located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Florida—sell more than 60 million made-to-order hoagies annually. Wawa sells enough coffee— million cups—to fill Shamu's tank more than 11 times. That signature coffee, introduced in the s, is proprietary, and available only in Wawa stores. Some Wawa employees attend Wawa University, which, according to the company, "will guide you with comprehensive training courses and continuing educational programs.

On-site, off-site.

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On the job, in the virtual and traditional classroom. The goal is always to meet your evolving training and education needs. From Brand Fundamentals to Leadership Development to Career Enhancement, you'll have the chance to strengthen your career potential and achieve your goals. People love their Wawa. Infive West Chester women completed a two-year quest to visit every Wawa then in existence.

Half of the town of Wawa, Pennsylvania is in Middletown, and half of it is in Chester Heights, the official location of the company's headquarters.

Bruce Clark, Middletown's manager. But a well-built portable speaker can fill that need. Of the 57,plus reviews that users have left for this speaker on Amazon, 72 percent of them are five stars. So it should come as no surprise that this is currently the best-selling portable Bluetooth speaker on the site. It comes in eight different colors and can play for up to 14 hours straight after a full charge. Buy it: Amazon.Engineer Brad Wall oversaw the modernization of Wawa Inc.

He was one of many proud Wawa employees who hoped one day to retire on Wawa stock grants. Consolidating control could make it easier for family leaders to sell the company for billions of dollars at terms favorable to them in the future. Spokeswoman Lori Bruce said the company would not comment on settled or ongoing litigation, or on Wood family plans. Nor would lawyers for the ex-staff, led by R. Spokeswoman Bruce declined to comment.

Details of the allegations and the earlier settlement are in federal court records. Both cases have been heard by Judge Paul S.

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It's not the only time the company has been accused of cutting corners in recent years. The company is fielding class-action complaints from customers who say Wawa failed to protect their personal data after the chain admitted malware that left customer names, card numbers and expiration dates exposed to hackers for nine months last year. It operates more than convenience stores, many with gas pumps, all serving fast-food variations of hoagies and other familiar fare, in the states around Philadelphia and Washington, D.

Wood, 82, plans to retire this spring in favor of his younger brother George, said sources at Wawa. The company declined to comment on the chairman's plans. Some 20, Wawa employees have enrolled in the plan.

wawa ceo history

Every year thousands of workers leave without qualifying for share awards. The act was supported by Wawa and by area Congress members including co-sponsors U.

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Pat Toomey, R-Pa. Before the change, Wawa officials said the company was moving from ownership by Wood heirs and top executives toward employee ownership. That's when the charitable foundation set up to manage part of the drug fortune of Philadelphia's McNeil family, which had privately purchased a block of Wawa stock, told Wawa it wanted to sell the stock and pocket profits from the company's recent growth, through a public stock offering.

But a public sale would dilute Wood family control and subject the company to Wall Street and federal regulatory pressure. Wawa needed cash if it was to buy out the McNeils and keep the Woods in control. The company asked veteran employees who participated in a Wawa profit-sharing plan to trade their savings for ESOP shares.

Wawa employees who participated in that deal felt like heroes for saving the company as they knew it. Those workers also were well rewarded, as their retirement accounts zoomed in value as Wawa sales and profits grew. That lucrative growth continues, for thousands of Wawa employees. Wall, the construction director who worked for Wawa for 20 years, filed a lonely challenge to the settlement, arguing in that it was far below the value of his loss, and others'.In February, a few days after the Philadelphia Eagles had won their first Super Bowla suburban convenience store celebrated.

The early-morning event nominally marked the reopening of the renovated store --a squat, tan outpost on a busy road--but it also doubled as an outpouring of football frenzy. Green-and-white noisemakers rattled. Eagles cheers punctuated the formal remarks. The mayor spoke, backed by rows of potato chips, while rush-hour commuters darted in for coffee and breakfast sandwiches. A towering goose mascot helped cut a big red ribbon.

I tell them: Whatever he wants! Among entrepreneurs, almost. Most family businesses don't survive the third generation, yet Wood is comfortably watching his multi-generation company thrive.

That would be Wawa, the much-beloved convenience store that you likely know either intimately or not at all. Now Wawa's semi-retired chairman, Wood was the second and longest-serving chief executive of a four-CEO company, one that has weathered 54 years of family in-fighting, recessions, and several failed expansion attempts. His wager paid off. Founded in by Grahame Wood--Dick's first cousin once removed--Wawa began as a roadside dairy market in the Philadelphia suburbs.

Its founder likely wouldn't recognize Wawa today, as it expands throughout the East Coast and audaciously tries to muscle out of the gas-station ghetto to compete with the likes of Panera, Starbucks, and Sweetgreen.

After decades of pushing cheap gas and cigarettes and made-to-order sandwiches to suburban crowds, Wawa is starting to de-emphasize two of the three. The current CEO, Chris Gheysens, is swapping in Tesla charging stations, kale salads, and small-batch coffee, most of which customers can order on their phones or Wawa's ubiquitous touchscreens. Gheysens calls this Wawa's "barbell" strategy: continue to offer the cheap staples that attracted longtime customers, while expanding into cities as the newest health-conscious, gourmet-inflected, casual-lunch option.

It won't have gas," says Gheysens, 47, a South Jersey native who looks the part, down to his violet-and-black-plaid blazer and the big Eagles pennant in his pleasantly low-frills office. That's starting to become obvious throughout Wawa's empire, including at the gleaming new complex looming over Red Roof, the family's century-old estate at Wawa's headquarters. The same split is visible at Wawa's stores: The suburban pit stop whose reopening Dick Wood presided over is the ugly duckling to the swan--or goose; more on that later--near Washington's Dupont Circle, a would-be gastropub with bar seating, brick walls, and industrial-chic exposed ceilings.

Face the Nation has a standing Sunday order. This is not Wawa's first overhaul. But many of his efforts were internal, incremental; Gheysens is aiming at the most visible aspects of Wawa's longtime--and fiercely beloved--identity.

I grew up with Wawa, but I wasn't born into it. My Midwestern parents moved to Pennsylvania's Delaware County, home to Wawa's headquarters and many of its stores, when I was 6. Initially, we were confused by this "Wah-wah" that generated religious-level local fervor. The name is taken from an Ojibwe word for the Canadian goose. Hence the goose logo and mascots. Soon enough, we became acolytes, won over by last-minute groceries and better-than-average coffee; my brothers, both now living far from Wawa outposts, still swear by its hoagies and breakfast sandwiches.

But Wawa transcends local celebrity. And, like any all-night restaurant, the chain is always there to make fresh sandwiches for the closing-time crowd. It's not just the sandwiches that win notice.

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