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Here's what you need to know. It certainly looks like Johnson is trying to secure one. He said in a speech to the country on Monday : "I don't want an election and you don't want an election," but he also made it clear that he would prefer an election over what he called another "pointless" Brexit delay. Then, on Tuesday, he filed a motion for an early election -- which would need approval from two thirds of Parliament.

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And in a slip of the tongue on Wednesday, he said to the House of Commons he "want s to have an election," before correcting himself to say he was "willing" to have one. Why is everyone talking about early elections if Johnson says he doesn't want one?

As much as Johnson claims he doesn't want a vote, having one could produce big benefits for him. It would be a gamble to go back to the country after three national votes in the last four years elections in andreferendum in but it could break the deadlock that has kept Parliament from making any obvious progress on Brexit for the past three years.

The problem that Theresa May had is that a majority of MPs oppose a no-deal Brexit, but a majority also opposes the deal that Brussels agreed with May. Johnson replaced May as prime minister, but he still has the same Parliamentary arithmetic to deal with. Britain's crazy Brexit crisis is about to get crazier. Now, some leading members of his own Conservative Party -- including a number of people who held top cabinet jobs under May -- say they will back a proposed law ordering Johnson to ask the EU for another Brexit delay.

Johnson and his allies are warning they will withdraw the Conservative whip from any Tory MPs who vote for that -- effectively kicking them out of the party.

snap election

He might calculate that his best shot at getting a like-minded majority behind him in Parliament -- one that is not only Conservative, but would allow the UK to leave the EU without a deal -- is a new election. In Johnson's best-case scenario, he might end up with enough Brexiteer Conservative MPs behind him that he does not need to rely on the DUP of Northern Ireland to prop up his government.

That could give him additional leeway to negotiate about the so-called backstop. It used to be the case that a British prime minister could call a general election unilaterally, but under the Fixed Term Parliament Actit takes a vote of Parliament to call a snap election. At least two thirds of MPs have to vote in favor for an early election to be called.

Would Parliament vote for early elections if Johnson wants them? A leading member of the opposition Labour Party, Tony Lloyd, said hours after Johnson's speech Monday that Labour would not vote for a snap election if that would help Johnson deliver a no-deal Brexit.

Boris Johnson wants to hold snap election on 12 December

That's since been backed by a number of Labour frontbenchers, and the party's leader Jeremy Corbyn has indicated he would only sanction an early election if no deal were taken off the table first. Some leading Conservative rebels also said they might not back Johnson if he calls for one, making it unlikely the prime minister can reach the two thirds threshold. If Parliament does vote for a snap election, how quickly would it happen?

About a month. Parliament has to be dissolved 25 working days before election day. British media reports say Johnson is aiming for an election on Monday, October 14, or the following day, which means Parliament would have to be dissolved early in the week of September 9. For decades, they have been -- but that is tradition, not law.

The Fixed Term Parliaments Act says nothing about elections having to be on an particular day of the week.After months of arguing that an early parliamentary election would distract the country from the necessity of focusing on Brexit negotiations, May stunned Britons in mid-April by calling for a snap election for June, saying that its results would provide stability and certainty for the United Kingdom during its crucial transition out of the EU. In order to hold an election ahead of the date mandated by the Fixed-term Parliaments ActMay needed to win two-thirds majority approval in the House of Commons.

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn criticized May for reversing her stance on the issue but welcomed a return to the polls, and, by a vote of to 13 with members of the Scottish National Party abstainingmembers of Parliament approved a snap election to be held on June 8, with Parliament to be dissolved on May 2 for the start of the election campaign. With the Conservatives leading Labour by more than 20 percent in some public opinion polls in mid-April, May sought to focus her campaign on winning support for so-called hard Brexit, which would remove the U.

Events, however, conspired to shift the focus of the election, and Corbyn proved himself to be a much more adept campaigner than May. Twice the election was interrupted and campaigning temporarily suspended by terrorist attacks. On May 22 an attacker detonated a bomb at a pop music concert in Manchester, killing 22 and injuring dozens of others.

Then, on June 3, only days before the election, three attackers with a vehicle mowed down pedestrians on London Bridge and then continued their attack with knives in Borough Market, eventually taking eight lives before being killed by police. In the wake of the attacks, Corbyn criticized the reductions in police personnel that had been carried out by May during her tenure as home secretary. May seemed uncomfortable campaigning. Whereas her performances on the campaign trail were often stilted and uncertain, Corbyn surprised pundits with his energized presence and the enthusiasm that he generated on the hustings, especially from young people.

Both May and Corbyn initially had indicated that they would not participate in the televised debate among all the party leaders, but, when Corbyn changed his mind, the absence of May who was represented by Home Secretary Amber Rudd was noticeable. Theresa May. Article Media. Info Print Print. Table Of Contents. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. Load Previous Page. Call for a snap election After months of arguing that an early parliamentary election would distract the country from the necessity of focusing on Brexit negotiations, May stunned Britons in mid-April by calling for a snap election for June, saying that its results would provide stability and certainty for the United Kingdom during its crucial transition out of the EU.

The election campaign, Manchester arena bombing, and London Bridge attack Twice the election was interrupted and campaigning temporarily suspended by terrorist attacks.

Load Next Page. More About. Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students.In a parliamentary democracy, a general election is held once every few years in which every adult can vote to determine the people who will represent them in parliament. A snap election refers to a swift and often unforeseen decision by the party in power to initiate a general election sooner than the fixed-term deadline. In the UK, a general election is held once every five years.

The last election was 7th May with the next election expected in In an effort to capitalize, a snap election is called by the government to seize the moment and bolster their majority in parliament, in the hope of ensuring manifesto policies are effected and legislation is passed due to a clear mandate. Macmillan Dictionary is an award-winning, one-stop reference for English learners and speakers around the world.

snap election

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Written by Macmillan Dictionary. A general election that is called earlier than expected In a parliamentary democracy, a general election is held once every few years in which every adult can vote to determine the people who will represent them in parliament.

Open Dictionary Word of the Month: data revolution. You may also like. Macmillan Dictionary Macmillan Dictionary is an award-winning, one-stop reference for English learners and speakers around the world. View all posts.It was another blow after MPs voted to block a No Deal Brexit, as the Prime Minister vowed to hold daily votes for a poll to break the parliamentary deadlock.

Here's all you need to know about a snap election. The "snap" element is often used as a tactic to exploit the opposition's weakness, or for a party to boost their majority in parliament. The then Prime Minister Theresa May called a shock snap election in But her gamble to try to strengthen the Tories' hold on Parliament backfired when her majority was slashed by 13 seats.

Previously elections could be called simply by the Prime Minister going to the Queen at any point within five years of the last one. But after the Fixed Term Parliament Act was passed in the five-year gap was enshrined in law.

Boris Johnson said any move to block a No Deal Brexit would weaken his hand in attempting to negotiate an agreement with Brussels. MPs backed a bill that forces him to seek an extension to our leaving date if there was No Deal, so in return he said he would seek a general election. After they did just that, the Prime Minister followed suit with a motion seeking the two-thirds majority needed to go to the polls on October MPs have failed to back Mr Johnson's call for an election and they are set to vote again October It is unclear how tonight's vote will pan out after the EU accepted the UK's request for a "flextension".

Mr Johnson now has until January 31, have Parliament pass his Brexit deal - but they can pass it anytime before that. Sign in. All Football. Aletha Adu. EU's Brexit negotiator and ex-French minister. Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed here.Prime Minister Boris Johnson could be forced to call a snap election this week.

Mr Johnson has faced resistance from his own party members as well as the opposition, who believe the current Brexit deadline of October 31 should be delayed if a deal is not agreed with the EU in time. If the election is called it would send Britons back to the polls for the fourth time in just five years.

They usually result in increased majorities for the party already in power because the election is called at an advantageous time.

What is a snap election and will there be one in 2019?

However, snap elections can also backfire on the incumbent resulting in a decreased majority or even the opposition winning or gaining power. Should an election be called by Mr Johnson, it would be the third time Britons head to the polls since However, this has led to a massive clash in Parliament because the majority of MPs are against a no deal. If an election is called, the Government would aim to ensure the bill to block a no deal Brexit is stopped in its tracks before it can get to the statute books.

What is a snap election? A snap election is an election called earlier than the scheduled end to that parliamentary term. This was the case when then-Prime Minister Theresa May called a surprise snap election in What does a snap general election mean? Then, if Mr Johnson win the election, there will be a clear mandate for his agenda. Boris Johnson Brexit News.Add snap election to one of your lists below, or create a new one.

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snap election

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Your feedback will be reviewed. The point of a snap election is to have a poll without a long campaign.

The UK could be heading for an early election. Here's what you need to know

There is speculation about whether the president will call a snap election in the coming weeks. Holding a snap election is risky.

snap election

Media speculation continues on whether there will be a snap election. It would be most unusual to call a snap election less than four years after winning a majority of more than What is the pronunciation of snap election? Browse snap. Test your vocabulary with our fun image quizzes. Image credits. Word of the Day wellness. Read More. New Words mob grazing.

General election 2017: Why did Theresa May call an election?

April 06, To top. Get our free widgets. Add the power of Cambridge Dictionary to your website using our free search box widgets. Dictionary apps.A snap election is an election that is called earlier than the one that has been scheduled.

Generally, a snap election in a parliamentary system is called to capitalize on an unusual electoral opportunity or to decide a pressing issue, under circumstances when an election is not required by law or convention. A snap election differs from a recall election in that it is initiated by politicians usually the head of government or ruling party rather than voters, and from a by-election in that the winners will serve an entire term as opposed to the remainder of an already established term.

Since the power to call snap elections usually lies with the incumbent, they often result in increased majorities for the party already in power provided they have been called at an advantageous time. Generally speaking, the Prime Minister under such systems does not have the legal power to call an election, but rather must request the election be called by the head of state. In most countries, the head of state almost always grants such a request by convention.

According to Section 84 of the Constitution of Belizethe National Assembly must be dissolved "five years from the date when the two Houses of the former National Assembly first met" unless dissolved sooner by the Governor-General of Belize upon the advice of the prime minister. Since Belize gained independence from Great Britain in Septembersnap elections have been called twice, in and In Canadasnap elections at the federal level are not uncommon. Wilfrid Laurier and John Turnermeanwhile, both lost their premierships in snap elections they themselves had called in andrespectively.

The most notable federal snap election is that ofwhere Prime Minister John Diefenbaker called an election just nine months after the previous one and transformed his minority government into the largest majority in the history of Canada up to that date. A snap election was also called in the province of Ontario inthree years into Premier David Peterson 's term.

However, the snap election backfired since it was interpreted as a sign of arrogance, with some cynically viewing it as an attempt to win another mandate before an anticipated economic recession. A similar result occurred in Alberta in when Premier Jim Prentice of the governing Progressive Conservative party called a snap election. A few months before, 11 MLAs including their leader from the official opposition Wildrose Party had crossed the floor to sit with the government.

However, the province was entering an economic recession due to the abrupt fall in oil prices, and Prentice's budget was not well received by either the political left or right. The resulting NDP majority victory unseated 13 cabinet ministers and ended 44 years of Progressive Conservative government in Alberta. The Constitution of Peru allows for the dissolution of Congress by the President if a vote of no-confidence is passed three times by the legislative body, and has four months to call for new parliamentary elections or faces impeachment.

The opposition had demanded a neutral caretaker government to oversee the polls, but it was rejected by the incumbent government and the election went on as scheduled. The BNP won by default, grabbing all the seats in the house of parliament and assumed power. The Awami League and its allies did not accept the results and called a month-long general strike and blockades to overthrow the BNP government.

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