Power system protection and switchgear ppt

The significance of such a protective zone is that any fault occurring within cause the tripping of relays which causes the opening of all the circuit breakers within that zone. The circuit breakers are placed at the appropriate points such that any element of the entire power system can be disconnected for repairing work, usual operation and maintenance requirements and also under abnormal conditions like short circuits.

Thus a protective covering is provided around the rich elements of the system. The overlapping of protective zones is done to ensure the complete safety of each and every element of the system. The zone which is unprotected is called a dead spot. The zones are overlapped and hence there is no chance of existence of a dead spot in a system.

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For the failures within the region where two adjacent protective zones are overlapped, more circuit breakers get tripped than the minimum necessary to disconnect the faulty element. If there are no overlaps, then a dead spot may exist, which means the circuit breakers lying within the zone may not trip even though the fault occurs. This may cause damage to a healthy system. The extent of the overlapping of protective zones is relatively small. The probability of the failures in the overlapped regions is very low; consequently, the tripping of the too many circuit breakers will be frequent.

Electrical Relays

The figure shows the overlapping of protective zones in primary relaying. The figure shows Overlapping zones in primary relaying. It can be seen from the figure that the circuit breakers are located in the connections to each power system element. This provision makes it possible to disconnect only the faulty element from the system. Your email address will not be published. Remember Me. Not a member yet? Register now. Want to become an instructor?

Are you a member?Note: Not all lectures will have handouts, this table only provides handouts that are available electronically. Kasztenny, D.

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Sharples, V. Asara and M. PAS, No 5, pp.

power system protection and switchgear ppt

Skendzic, I. Ender, G. Wall and B. Vol 12, No. Roberts, H. Altuve, D. How and N. Whitehead and N. Lavorin, D. How, H. Altuve, N. Fischer, F.

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Andrichak and J. Lawhead, R. Hamilton, and J. Taylor, J. Law, B. Johnson, and N. Kasztenny, M. Thompson, and N. Zocholl, A. Guzman, and D. Stringer, L.To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Pdf of switchgear and protection Pdf of switchgear and protection Pdf of switchgear and protection.

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Madan Mohan. Pdf of switchgear and protection To study different switchgear equipments. Schneider Electric, New. If a fault occurring in a zone can be immediately detected and or isolated by a protection scheme dedicated to that particular zone. Switching devices which are collectively referred to as switchgear. Electrical pdf import libre office 3 44 protection at low voltage is apart from fuses normally incorporated in. Serve Industrial. Switchgear, plan protection relays and plan the hardwire PLC system for a new.

Definition of Switchgear. A switchgear or electrical switchgear is a generic term which includes all the switching devices associated with mainly power system. The environment protection was implemented on the basis of the existing QM.

How do they differ from surge diverter? Lectures Book. Specification of CTs: CTs are defined in terms of rated burden, accuracy class and accuracy limit. I need protection and switchgear notes. Similar Threads: Antenna and wave propagation by U. A Bakshi ebook pdf Free. This guidance is for owners and operators of electrical switchgear in industrial and. You are probably already taking steps to protect your employees, but your risk. British Standards can be obtained in PDF or hard pdf fill editor free download copy formats from.

The authors discuss a unique approach to low- voltage switchgear protection and the. Publisher: Khanna Publisher, New Delhi. Degrees of protection provided by switchgear. SwitchgearPCC Fundamentals. Electrical protection at low voltage is apart from fuses normally incorporated in.

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Switchgear & Protection - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Supported on post or strain Insulators.

GATE 2020 - Power Systems - System Stability, Switchgear & Protection

The flexible bus is held at higher level above the various sub-station Equipment. The main causes for a fault in a busbar : Failure of support insulator resulting in earth fault.

power system protection and switchgear ppt

Flashover across support insulator during over voltages. Heavily polluted insulator causing flashover. Failure of connected equipment to the busbar. Various environmental conditions. Discrimination between fault in its protected section and fault elsewhere. Stability for external faults. Freedom from unwanted operation. No operation due to CT saturation or power swings.

Separate control trip circuit of each circuit breaker. Main and check protection to ensure the isolation only when desirable. CT Switching panel Busbar protection panel Auxiliary relay panel. Even we made some relays testing related to busbar protection i. Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Read Free For 30 Days.

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power system protection and switchgear ppt

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Download Now. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. T Bus-2 C. T Dept. Related Searches Busbar protection. Documents Similar To Busbar Protection. Lalit Soni.Definition: Protection zone is defined as the part of the power system which is protected by a certain protective scheme. It is established around each power system equipment. When the fault occurs on any of the protection zones then only the circuit breakers within that zone will be opened.

Thus, only the faulty element will be isolated without disturbing the rest of the system. The protection zone cover the entire power system, and no part of the equipment is left unprotected. It usually consists one or more element of the power system.

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The protection zone of the power system mainly depends upon the rating of the machine, its location, the probability of faults and abnormal condition of the equipment. If there were no overlapping in the protective zone, then the failure occurs in the equipment will not lie in any one of the zones and hence no circuit breaker would be tripped. The fault occurs in the unprotective system will damage the equipment and hence disturb the continuity of the supply. The probability of failure in the overlap region is very small.

But the overlap region will cause the tripping of the more circuit breake r than the minimum necessary for the disconnection of the faults region. Because when the fault occurs in any one of the two overlapping regions than the breaker of both the region will be opened, and the systems are isolated. Consider the two protective zone A and B which will overlap each other.

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The X is the fault occurs in the zone B, and due to this fault, the circuit breakers of zone B tripped along with the C circuit breaker. The relay of the zone B will also trip the circuit breaker of zone A for other faults in the zone B which occurs to the right of the C circuit breaker. Hence the unnecessary tripping of the breaker can be tolerated only in the particular region. The scheme which senses the fault of any of the certain unit will have a high degree of sensitivity and it also has the adaptability of the fast speed of operation.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Circuit Globe All about Electrical and Electronics. Electronic Instrumentation. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Switchgear and Protection Switchgear: It is a general term covering a wide range of equipment concerned with switching and protection.

All equipment associated with fault clearing process are covered by the term switchgear. Switchgear includes switches, fuses, circuit breaker, isolator, control panels, lighting arrestor, CT, PT and various associated equipment. Switchgear and Protection Control Gear: It is used for switching and controlling power consuming devices.

It is a form of switching device capable of make and break the current in one or more electric circuit such as relay. Circuit Breaker CB : A device capable of making, breaking an electric circuit under normal and abnormal conditions such short circuits. It has 2 Basic function: switching during normal operating condition for operation and maintenance switching during abnormal condition for interrupting the fault current caused by short circuits.

power system protection and switchgear ppt

Switchgear and Protection Switchgear are necessary at every switching point in a power system. Between the generating station and final load point, there are several voltages and fault levels. Hence in various application, the requirement of the switchgear vary depending upon the location, ratting and local requirement.

Single pole CB: In this breaker fault current interrupting mechanism is involved with one phase. It is used in an isolated system. Triple Pole CB: Fault interrupting is involved with three phase in the system. It is used in a integrated system but has a disadvantage as it creates unsymmetrical situation in the system inherently.

Switchgear and Protection CB has two states only Close Open Under normal operating condition its operation can be manual or can be automatic remotely. During fault condition its operation must be automatic. Opening mechanism is responsible for this automatic operation. Switchgear and Protection When the fault occurs the relay 2 connected to CT 8 and PT 7 actuates and close its contact 6 Current flows from the battery 5 in the trip circuit 4 Trip coil 3 is energized and CB 1 operating mechanism is actuated.

Auxiliary contact a can be used for interlocking the CN with other equipment to avoid enormous operation. Switchgear and Protection Trip free feature of CB: Suppose a CB has been instructed to close by manual instruction by pushing of push button.

The operating mechanism will start operating for closing operation. Meanwhile a fault has been taken place and the relay closes the trip circuit of the CB. Then the mechanism which permits the CB to be tripped by the protective replay even if it is under the process of closing. It means the CB is giving the priority to the relay response or automatic response. It is known as the trip free feature of CB. Switchgear and Protection What is arc? Arc Flash is the result of a rapid release of energy due to an arcing fault between a phase bus bar and another phase bus bar, neutral or a ground.

An electric arc is an electrical breakdown of a gas which produces an ongoing plasma discharge, resulting from a current through normally nonconductive media such as air. Why arc is created? Sudden contact break down in high voltage line. Switchgear and Protection Mode of Arc extinction 1.


High resistance interruption: In this process the resistance of arc is increased by lengthening and cooling it to such an extent that the system cant maintain the arc and thus extinguishes.

Low Resistance or zero point interruption: In this process the arc gets extinguished at the natural current zero of the alternating current wave and is prevented from restricting again by rapid increasing the dielectric strength of the contact space. It is used in almost all HV ac circuit breaker. Type of medium for arc extinction II. Rated voltage III. Rated breaking current IV.

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