Hobie compass duo vs oasis

The Hobie Compass is an all new kayak from Hobie for the season. It features a new hull design and the classic Hobie Mirage drive. It's a great recreational kayak and also can be rigged as a versatile fishing kayak. Ryan Jolly is a veteran kayak angler and had been looking to upgrade his paddle kayak to a Hobie. He had an Outback in mind until he saw the Compass at the Hi Tempo booth at the Northwest Sportshow early spring of For transportation, I car top my kayak, so a lighter, slightly smaller kayak is preferable to me.

I target Musky and Pike mostly. I troll and cast most of the time, so not having the reverse feature on the MD was something I can live without. The Compass is 12 feet long, very stable and allows me wrestle big fish with ease. Fish finder kit. The navigation features on the fish finder help so I don't get lost on new water.

Rectangular hatch kit. Installed in mid section. This hatch is directly in front of me on the deck of the Compass and super easy to access. PVC rod holders. I carry fishing poles and a net at all times. Having them organized and easy to access is important. Camera mount. Because it's just too darn much fun sharing good times kayak fishing with friends and fellow kayak anglers. Front rod holder. Hobie cart.So speedy yet boasting a robust carrying capacity suitable for a weekend camping trip or fishing with enough gear to stock a tackle shop—there are four convenient hatches and a generous on-deck storage area, as well as molded-in rod holders.

The Oasis gets the job done in style and comfort. You save.

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Rating Required Select Rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average 4 stars 5 stars best. Email Required. Review Subject Required. Comments Required. Color Options: Required. Optional Bimini: None. Current Stock:. With the largest human muscle group now in play, kayaking becomes easier and more efficient than ever.

With Kick-Up Fins, explore without a care.

hobie compass duo vs oasis

Kelp and logs? No problem. These fins automatically kick-up on impact and adjust back when you resume pedaling.

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The seat-back, bottom, height, and lumbar-support are all easily adjustable. Structural ribs run the length of the boat, stiffening the hull, while the hull's rounded profile reduces resistance for a quieter, faster ride.

The retractable-rudder system is engaged and disengaged with a pull of the T-shaped control handles. Enjoy added power without complication; Mirage Sail Kits make sailing fun and easy. Conveniently clips onto the hull when not needed. The lid is permanently attached to its base via a hinge, so you don't have to worry about leaving it at last night's campground.

Hobie Mirage Oasis Tandem Kayak

Related Products.Hobie Forums. Posted: Wed May 08, pm. I've had many Hobie kayaks over the years and have witnessed the cost cutting in the form of reducing the features and "extras" you get with each passing year.

I remember back when you got a dry bag and water bottle with each kayak. They eventually dropped those. Fast forward to the Compass Duo and now you only get one paddle for a tandem kayak. I realize that the primary propulsion is the Mirage Drive, but come on Hobie. When I received my Compass Duo without a paddle, the dealer said, that must be a mistake, we'll contact Hobie and get the second paddle for you.

A few days later, the response from Hobie is that the Compass Duo is marketed with only one paddle and only comes with one paddle. Oh really? Doesn't really jive with the marketing material I see on the Hobie website.

How to un-flip and re-enter your kayak

I see they have updated the main website, but I still think this is pretty deceiving and they should be supplying two paddles. Hobie, do the right thing and ship me a paddle. See page 15 and page 26 of the catalog, both clearly show 2 paddles. The pictures either show 2 paddles or no paddle at all.

Yea, the Oasis comes with two paddles. The PA tandem does not. Doesn't look like there is consistency. The website is correct in that only one paddle is shown for the Duo. The brochure features list shows one paddle. I'm not in our sales department, but the Compass line is a price point kayak. Some reduction in features is the only way to lower the cost. Most people on a Hobie Mirage kayak rarely if ever use a paddle and less would use both. Most manufactures do not include a paddle It is optional as there are many choices in paddles.

So one paddle makes some sense. Posted: Fri May 10, pm. It would make more sense to me to ship the TI with one paddle than the Compass Duo.

I always use trampolines with the TI, so I never take 2 paddles. It also has two alternative sources of power, sail and drive. I guess what gets me is that all the pictures in the catalogs show the Compass Duo with 2 paddles. Every other kayak that is pictured with 2 paddles comes with 2 paddles. The PA17 does not even show a paddle on the pictures.Hobie Forums.

Posted: Sun Jul 22, pm. Puto has expressed interest in adding a tandem kayak to our menagerie.

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It appears only the Outfitter and the Oasis come are available in a tandem configuration with Mirage drives. Thank you! Post subject: Re: Tandem: Outfitter vs Outback. I had an outfitter and for the lighter setup it was great. If I got a great deal on an outfitter I would get it again. If I was buying from the dealer I would get an Oasis I think because it can hold more. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Posted: Mon Jul 23, am.

2020 Hobie Mirage Oasis - Tandem Pedal Kayak

IMO both boats are very stable, but the Oasis is quieter in the water, faster and drier. The Outfitter tends to slap and spit water when running against chop. The Outfitter might be a better choice if you need a more compact boat for storage. Posted: Sun Sep 02, pm. Now the Compass Duo can be added into the mix. Posted: Tue Sep 04, am.

hobie compass duo vs oasis

I had an outfitter and it was pretty slow, stable, and slapped the waves. Posted: Sat Sep 29, pm. Davesp, thanks for the video link.Simplicity defined, its time-tested MirageDrive pedal system with Glide Technology and new Kick-Up Fins moves you easily through the water.

Patented Kick-Up Fin Technology takes the worry out of kayaking in shallow, structure-filled waters by automatically retracting upon impact. Outfitted with a breathable mesh seat, the Compass offers maximum stability and an oversized cockpit and flat deck for standing. A sharp turning radius makes this fishing kayak nimble in tight quarters, yet able to speed over open water in stealthy fashion. For a stealthy look, upgrade to the Compass Camo package that is outfitted with the reversing MirageDrive with Kick-Up Fins and comes in Camo color.

Read reviews for the Mirage Compass by Hobie as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community! Embed these reviews on your site. Fantastic kayak! So very fast crazy stable quick and responsive turning.

hobie compass duo vs oasis

Love love love it! I can stand easily and plan on some upgrades such as a square hatch and moving the round hatch to the front.

Hobie Mirage Compass Duo Tandem Kayak - 2020

Can't say enough about how much I love it! This kayak has performed everything I wanted. It paddles well and even peddles better. I've used it several times to fish and it helped me catch fish. The mirage is mine, as i am 71 I thought I needed the peddles but as easy as the compass is for me with the peddles the quest is just as easy without. They both glide with ease across the water and tracking is great. I had a sail boat in the past and kayaking has taken the place of that boat. No need for sails with the hobie kayak!

The compass is a simpler budget Hobie design. It has a more roomy open layout which I like.

hobie compass duo vs oasis

It's stable and has decent speed and it's quiet through the water. The seat is not nearly as good as it's other CT designs but is a bit wider for larger people. It did not have long enough reclining straps so my dealer made an extender kit. The rudder design also is ok but does not work as smoothly as hobie's other twist and stow design.

I really like and prefer their other kayaks for just a bit more money- you get a better design and features-the difference is worth it. The Revo, Outback or PA are better options if you can afford a bit more. I had buyers remorse and traded up for a different model and I'm much happier. I have one and i love it have caught many fish with it, trouble is my son in laws love to borrow it, i would recomment it for sure.

I had considered this kayak for my fishing adventures. I spend a day on the water fishing from it. So here goes. For a hobie, this is a pretty light weight boat. I currently have the outback and the compass is much lighter, eaiser to launch, haul etc.An elegantly simple yet highly customizable tandem kayak for on-water adventures with family, friends, and pets. The cockpit features comfortable, ergonomic seating, 4 Integrated H-Tracks for accessory mounting, and abundant above and below deck storage compartments to house gear for two.

The roomy Compass Duo is simple to use and adventure-ready, making it the ideal choice for water outings with adults, tikes, and furry companions.

Compass Duo

For more information, please go to: www. This does not impact any other products or prior model years. If you purchased a Mirage kayak with a MirageDrive with Kick-Up Fins from September 1, on, please follow these instructions so we can assist. New Patented Kick-Up Fins provide the power to charge through the water as never before.

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Logs, kelp, shallows, rocks, no problem. Power forward virtually hands-free. The Hobie Mirage Compass Duo comes standard with a built-in transducer mount and includes through-hull cable plugs. A freshly designed bow cuts through wind, wake and chop with ease. The spacious and extra wide deck provides comfort and security for even the most novice of kayakers.

The Kick-Up Rudder locks in to place when you need it and retracts on impact. A molded-in tracking keel keeps you on course, whether pedaling or paddling.

Room for all the activities. Four H-Track mounts allow complete accessory customization whether fishing or looking for the perfect place to mount your GoPro.

Install an optional Sail Kit in the new Sail mount for an added power boost. Located midship, these handles are ergonomic and conveniently placed to make car topping a breeze. Bow and Stern handles help with transport to and from the water. See it in Person. Image Gallery. Learn More. Lowrance transducer not included. Shown on the Mirage Outback. Sleek yet Stable Hull Shape A freshly designed bow cuts through wind, wake and chop with ease.

Shown on Mirage Compass Duo. Spacious Deck Layout Room for all the activities. Molded-In Carrying Handles Located midship, these handles are ergonomic and conveniently placed to make car topping a breeze. Excludes taxes, any shipping and set up fees.Sold Out. Notify me when this product is available:. The kayak features comfortable, breathable seating, 4 Integrated H-Tracks for the mounting of accessories, and plenty of outside and inside storage.

The kick up rudder system makes the Compass Duo very maneuverable for its size. The front seat can be removed for the placement of a bait tank, making this a good option for solo anglers as well. The front passenger seat can be removed and replaced with the Hobie Livewell not includedthis would trim the kayak properly making it a good choice as a single kayak. This model comes with the new kick up fins, which automatically flip up when they hit an obstacle.

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If you are both 6 ft or over, I would not recommend this kayak as much. Based on my demo, the Oasis would be a better choice. The maneuverability would be better on a shorter kayak like this however. The outfitter is a great little boat. I live in Big Bear and use this as a double and a single on different occasions. Its very small for a kayak double but still has really good stability. The front seat can be removed so I usually put my dog in the front.

The sail kit works really great with the boat as well. My only complaint is that the front seating area is shorter for those of us above 5' Call Us: Log in Cart 0 Checkout. Specifications: Length: Customer Reviews 4 out of 5 stars Based on 2 reviews. Customer Photos. Title of Review. How was your overall experience using the item?

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Not for taller people If you are both 6 ft or over, I would not recommend this kayak as much.

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