German combat knives

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Canal Street Cutlery Numbering System. Canal Street Knife Image Gallery.Shop online for tactical knives made in Germany. Low prices on thousands of brand name knives. Rare, limited edition collector series knives also available. Black Delrin handle. Brass guard. Blade etching.

Tactical Knives made in Germany

Lanyard hole. Black Cordura belt sheath. Made in Germany.

german combat knives

In Stock. Set of two. Black neoprene construction. Stainless guard. Tan Delrin handle. Camo Cordura belt sheath. Grenadill wood handle. Black leather belt sheath. BO Boker Applegate-Fairbairn 5. Green canvas micarta handle. Green nylon belt sheath. Temporarily Out of Stock. Black micarta handle.A combat knife also called a fighting knife, or a tactical knife is a knife specifically designed for military personal. Since the end of trench warfare, however, the majority of military knives are now designed for multiple functions such as chopping branches, opening ammunition crates, etc.

A dagger is a double-edged fighting knife with a central spine and edges sharpened the full length. Daggers are usually used by military personals. They are different from each other according to their shape, sharpness, build and purpose. The BC is an extremely rare fighting knife.

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This weapon was originally designed by Charles Clements and was made in Sheffield England. Overall the knife is measured to be 9 inches; the knuckle portion measures 4 inches at the widest point.

german combat knives

It fits very comfortably in a smaller hand and is considered to be one of the best to date. It is specifically designed to be grasped in the hand so that the blade is pointing forward, typically emerging from between the 2 nd and 3 rd finger.

This is a different style of a fighting knife, made just for stabbing from behind rather than fighting.

The blade is oriented horizontal to the ground when held. The cast on aluminium handle has a grip molded for bare hand holding, with finger recesses, and a steel rounded knuckle is designed to cover the last three fingers only.

WWI WWII Edged Weapons

The blade is double-edged, with a flattened diamond cross-section. The total length of the push dagger is 7. The SEALs are one of the top elite military forces around the globe. SEALs personal undergo one of the toughest training programs to produce a warrior.

Only the select few are strong enough to endure and earn the honor to wear the SEAL trident on their uniform. It is The F-S knife was used for both thrusting and slashing, and was used specifically for surprise attacks and fighting.

The F-S fighting type knife is a double-edged knife which resembles a dagger. The length of the blade is about 7. Currently Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife is of interest mainly to collectors. The Fixation Bowie is a fighting type knife which can be used by any one.

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This knife is made by the SOG Company. Like all other products made by SOG, this is one of the finest weapons made.

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Seamless fits between blade and cross guard, wrap-around checkered handles, blade grooves, thumb notches, spanner nuts, and cross guardcut-outs all say this knife is as distinctive as its user. Great balance and proportion make these knives very agile.

The length of the blade is 7 inches and overall its length is Its handle is made from Kraton and Sheath is made from nylon. Combat knife designs are mostly an expression in steel of determination, terrain in which it is expected to be used. Other considerations are the size and nature of the units and their mission i. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.This Russian sabre inspired by oriental swords.

WWII Gear. Toggle navigation Menu. Headgear U. Medals, Insignia and Badges U. Military Dress and Drill Swords U. Uniforms U. We have a large selection of U. We also have many replacement Bayonet Scabbards, some which include leather frogs. Our British Cavalry Saber. Durable black plastic grip with satin finish nickel silver guard, pommel and bowl guard. Satin finish steel scabbard with two rings for suspending it from the saddle or attaching it to a belt or baldric.

It is a sabre fro the Polish Calvary and has the inscription " Honor i ojczyzna inscription Honor and motherland. Navy Cutlass. Navy decided to replace its Model Cutlass which had been in continuous service for 57 years, with a new model. Assam Rifles Kukri. This Assam Rifles Kukri is hand forged from high carbon steel. Each comes with regulation sheath.

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Issued to the Gurkhas Assam Rifles Regiment. This kukri has a Also features the traditional religious notch that is symbolic of the trident 3 pronged spear of Shiva. Bayonet Scabbard for 98 Butcher Blade Bayonet. Sku: This all metal scabbard is nicely blued.

Bayonet Scabbard for M Enfield Bayonet. Green steel mounted leather scabbard complete with correct hooks for the U. Beretta 38A Folding Bayonet copied from private collection. Italian Beretta folding bayonet from WWII with button release allows ricasso to be pulled out, pivoted and slid back into either position.

Includes original spec metal sheath. Bhojpure Traditional Kukri Blade - Original. Original Bhojpure kukri blades made prior to Each kukri is hand made; the steel was smelted, forged, shaped and hammered in Nepal by individual Kamis.

german combat knives

These have all seen service with both the Nepali military and the British Army. Originals are scarce. British OSS Smatchet, an odd looking, but very effective knife. Fairbairn-Sykes Commando Knife.M super steel is manufactured by Bohler-Uddeholm. It uses third generation powder metal technology and developed for knife blades requiring excellent corrosion resistance and very high hardness for excellent wear resistance.

M hardens to HRC. This composition allows for the metal to have a high wear resistance, high compression strength, superior corrosion resistance, and a very good ability to retain its size and form even after taking abuse But in bladesmith William F.

The Truth About Damascus steel.

World War Blades

William Woods. The traditional use for Birchbark in Russia and Northern Europe is to make a knife handles. These handles are highly valued for their comfortable grip and beauty. Check our collection of Rosarms knives with birchbark handles. Blade, Nord Crown, N. Custom, Brutalica and many others We also offering consignment sales, always looking for and presenting to you interesting historical knives and not only from Russia.

Fantastic blade geometry, ergonomics, steel, and heat treatment! Elmax is a perfect hard use stainless steel! The only downside is the handles should have torx head screws, that would make the knife perfection! Like apocalypse, super well made and smartly designed. Best of class kydex sheath. This is a huge slab of high quality, razor sharp, saber ground, Elmax steel that is custom crafted into a knife that's just as beautiful as it is functional.

Excellent quality knife! Thick scalloped G10 scales. High quality D2 steel blade. Ball bearings ensure liquid smooth operation. Purchase experience with Russian Knives was outstanding! I received my order quickly and was very satisfied with the the build quality and action on the Hemnes for such a large folder. The pivot was very easy to adjust to my liking and has a great snap to it. I love the long sleek feel of it in hand and for a larger tactical folder I'm very impressed.The LHR combat knife is a modern fighting knife.

It was made because soldiers needed a weapon for close quarters combat. Harsey Jr. This is a fighting type knife used by military soldiers. The quick-release sheath has a built-in safety release.

german combat knives

The textured TacHide handle provides a sure grip in wet conditions. The main goal of the project is to make a quality knife that most soldiers can afford. The Bundeswehr Advanced Combat Knife is a modern multi-function knife, required by the new generation of military personnel. This knife was made in Germany and the German military uses this weapon. This knife is popular due to its multi-function design and its light weight. Other than being a razor sharp knife, other functions include a universal saw, adjustable wire cutters, screwdriver and a bottle opener.

It is also equipped with a cavity in the handle, a protective cap for the cutting board and a leg strap. The snap on strap allows for quick separation of the sheath from the harness.

The total length of the knife is about mmdiameter blade length mm, total length about mm, sheath total weight approximately g. M-9 Bayonet is a multi-purpose knife. It was designed and developed by Charles A. This bayonet features a black coated blade, LBE belt attachment clips with quick release, hard sheath with strapped loops and Pivot pin which when used with the knife, forms an emergency wire cutter. It has milled saw teeth on the back and a black oxide protective finish.

The length of the blade is 7 inches and is 0. The overall length is It has a black textured thermoplastic nylon handle. It is manufactured in the USA.The assembly consists of three components: the laser cut mm Black Kalgard coated, forged X55CrMo14 or 1. Based on the popularity of the design, the company has developed the line-up introducing many variations in shape, material used, colours.

Later revisions of the KM as of use a different stainless blade steel alloy with better edge-holding properties, XCrMo17 or 1. Additionally, the company has introduced several new variants, like the KM without a blade-coating, and the KM with a spear-point blade instead of the KM's westernized-tanto point. The latter two are also being produced with sand-colored grips and scabbards intended in desert environments like Afghanistan. The newer version of KM with improved Bohler N steel blade also has variants for desert environment and is named as Desert Command I knife, same is for KM as well.

Apart from hard polyamide sheath a special Leather sheath is available from Eickhorn. Most of these variations are not actually issued in the German Army. The newer version of KM has modified tip for greater strength and stability while thrusting and prying windows and containers open. The blade of both models has two versions plain and partially serrated.

The serrations are used for cutting ropes and fabric fibers for survival techniques. The scabbard has a strip of diamond sharpener used for field sharpening of knife. The handle end has glass breaker tip which is actually end of the knife blade tang. The handle end also has a lanyard hole. Dimensions: Blade: mm long x??

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Bundeswehr / German Army knife, Kampfmesser 1968.

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